Our main objective in the Organizational Development Dept., is to enhance potentialities and capabilities of our beneficiaries.
The main beneficiaries of this company are its human resources as well as the clients who apply for training courses.
Long term planning for increasing expertise and capabilities of the personnel, holding professional training courses and seminars, and making co-ordinations for our colleagues to make use of such facilities, are some of the services rendered by this department to the human capital of the company.
Training services for applicants from outside the organization are rendered through holding professional training courses in the fields of engineering, management, surveillance, environmental affairs, economical, project control and planning, according to applicant’s requirements.
A good combination of up to date Know ledge and long work experience in the industry has been developed as a result of presenting new graduates of renowned universities of our country to work together with experienced industrial workforce which wholly make up our valuable competitive capital for rendering training services.