Automation,Communication and Information Technology Dept.,with a view to implement E.P.C projects in the fields of production lines automation,industrial plants modernization,enhancement level of plants automation,fire alarm systems, stationary and mobile communication systems,as well as designing and implementing specialized software for industrial projects management,has successfully carried out some of the greatest projects of our country in different industries including steel and energy,during the last two decades.
The nature of activities being involved and the rapid changes occurring in the world of electronics,communications and computer,have inevitably made research and development functions be fulfilled along with other activities of this department. In this respect, manufacturing new parts and devices,introducing of up to date technology to organizations, as well as submitting articles to be published and delivery of speeches in conferences have been made during the past years.
Since we are of the opinion that the main objective of technology in all fields is to decrease product cost alongside productivity and easy use of the product and that we believe compliance with such a discipline is the secret of continuance for engineering companies and leads to gaining more shares in market.Therefore, making endeavour to apply engineering modern methods, manufacture, production and implementation has been set as the target of activities in this department.