With regard to the necessity of using the experiences acquired from the already performed projects for the ongoing ones in the field of planning as well as supervision on performance of the projects in order to apply the maximum possibilities of the company to reduce the restraining factors of the projects, the project planning andcontrol activities in the projects basket have been defined in this deputy management.

This unit comprises three departments namely, Planning, control and theproject Management Office (P.M.D.).

Participation in preliminary K.O.M.’s of the projects, planning, leading and supervision on standardization of EPC plans, supervision on working out financial plans of the projects, budgeting, drawing up plans for project baskets, planning and optimum distribution of supplies and facilities, making coordinations to work out functional engineering schedules for supply and execution in association with other units of the company, are among major duties of this unit.

In the field of control functions, including physical and financial basket of projects, as well as measurement of physical and financial performance in levels 1 & 2, and also at the same time, control of consumable sources, supervision on providing and forwarding of invoices, receiving M.O.M.’s and following up approvals at macro-level, supervision on changes management in the scope of projects, at macro-level, and control of legal issues for projects in grounds of E, P and C, this unit has a close cooperation with the planning dept.

Conformity of manuals and functional performances relating to E, P and C phases, supervision on documentation of projects and compiling, supervising as well as controlling of methods to make use of principles and information obtained from documents of the projects are in cluded in the scope of PMO under this unit.